How Muratec Makes System Integration Easier

System Customization… No Two Systems Are Alike.

automation for system integrators murata machinery usa, inc.

Senior engineers partner with you, tailoring solutions to fit each customer’s unique application. We design solutions that integrate with flexibility and help you communicate the system’s benefits, ROI . and service it for life.

Problem Solving… Cause-and-Effect Solutions

automation for system integrators murata machinery usa, inc.

We stay informed about changing demands for nuanced solutions, including order fulfillment, lights out manufacturing, automated storage and handling, and more. We navigate challenges from small footprints and budgetary constraints to greenfield and brownfield projects.

Reliable Partnership… Support You Can Count On.

automation for system integrators murata machinery usa, inc.

Integrators are supported through every stage of the process, from customer inquiry through system installation, testing, and support. We don’t subcontract maintenance, we provide in-house expertise and respond quickly to minimize system disruptions.

Explore Areas of Expertise

Highly customizable Muratec machines are suitable for new and existing manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers across industries.

How Your Customers Benefit

48% of warehouses say the biggest barrier to greater automation and robotics usage is cost. The following business values may encourage them to see this investment as a priority.



Best-in-class automated distribution centers achieve 95 percent on-time deliveries one and a half times more often than average.



Preserve profitability by cutting costs, not quality.



Small-footprint integrated solutions make the best use of limited space.



Automated solutions can easily extend operations around the clock, making up time with minimum staffing requirements.

An Integrator’s Guide to Automated Material Handling Solutions

Take a deeper look at how Muratec’s material storage, transport, sorting, and picking technology empowers your customers to address labor shortages, increased demand, order fulfillment pressures, and more.

Access the Guide


automation for system integrators murata machinery usa, inc.Integration Improves User ROI

Our experienced engineers create, integrate, and maintain systems and software, providing value and return for the end-users investment.

automation for system integrators murata machinery usa, inc.

Responsive, Cost-Effective Support

We’re responsive to requests with 24/7 support teams for emergency onsite maintenance, regardless of the system’s age.

automation for system integrators murata machinery usa, inc.

Flexible System Designs

Our systems are tailored to space, needs and budget considerations, helping you deploy solutions with flexibility that’s designed for growth.

Start the Conversation

Share your goals or challenges and we’ll connect you with the team to best answer your questions.

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