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Automation Talk

Investing and adopting automation in manufacturing is no longer an option Enable new automation technologies to reduce production times and costs, increase quality management and

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Bar Feed Vs Slug feed

The main difference between a bar feed and a slug is the material used. A bar feed is a long metal bar that is fed into a machine to be machined into a specific shape or size. A slug is a solid piece of material that is fed into a machine and then machined into a specific shape or size. The cost of a bar feed is typically less than that of a slug and is often used when a large number of parts are needed. The cost of a slug is typically more than that of a bar feed, but it is often the preferred option for higher precision and more intricate parts.

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Lights-Out Manufacturing Doesn’t Have to be Spooky

While the spooky season of hocus pocus and trick or treat culminates with Halloween, few things frighten fabrication job shops year-round more than unproductive downtime. The prospect of a ghosted workstation on the shop floor is frightful enough to haunt the productivity dreams of manufacturing executives everywhere.

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