Overlanders Manufacturing Operates at 110% Efficiency With Advanced Muratec Equipment

By Kim Carpenter

Overlanders Manufacturing L.P. is a progressive sheet metal fabrication company dedicated to customer service and providing a complete manufacturing solution for their customers. If you are
looking for a partner that has the latest in automation, top level value added assembly, and lean processes with ISO certification, Overlanders is the company to call.

I talked with Randy Lowry, General Manager and 23 year veteran of the company about their progressive company and the tried and true methodology that continues to work for their valued customers.

“Invest into your assets; Employees, Machine Tools and Automation Systems,incorporating Quality Processes to maintain the highest quality product to support our valued Customers!”, Randy said. “It’s what we’ve been doing and what we continue to do to build the business. We train all new employees through our veteran staff. With an average tenure of over ten years, we make sure the new blood gets trained the Overlanders way! We also continue to use strategic partnerships and all of our suppliers are qualified. We are ISO9001: 2000 certified and we qualify all of our suppliers through our ISO system.”

Overlanders subscribes to the teachings of lean manufacturing and is currently at an unheard of 110% efficiency across the entire manufacturing facility. “Years ago we looked at how we laid out assemblies and the piles of parts we fabricated were staged everywhere”, Randy said. “We knew we could do much better, so we sent some key employees to Lean Technology classes and what we have now is a very skinny facility”, Randy jokes. “We might not be a perfect lean company, but we are very skinny and our efficiency rating speaks to this truth!”

Overlanders runs bar coding for all operations within the shop and every operation of the job traveler is scanned in real time. This allows them to carefully keep a vigil on run times, scrap, on time delivery, & overall job performance. This way of doing business has allowed Overlanders to evolve to their current status as a leading and cutting edge, high tech fabricator of tubular and precision sheet metal assemblies.

Randy said from early on they used Wiedemann products because of the great high quality of the machines and the accuracy. The attentive sales engineer (Ron McConnell), servicemen and service technicians (like Steve Fullerton) were and are, a key factor to the continued business with Murata/Wiedemann, which is now all under one company, called Muratec. Randy said, “Our company remains loyal and continues to buy the Muratec Automation Systems because they help us to stay very competitive and you need every advantage in this very competitive industry. Great equipment and great people are vital to success!”

“If we have a problem or a challenge”, Randy says, “a service technician walks us through the situation on the phone right away and we are up and running, 99% of the time”. He continued, “If we have a major problem (which is rare) it is resolved within 17 hours or less. This is huge to our business and down time is so minimal we continue to have faith in the Muratec Automation Systems. When we have a new machine requirement we call Muratec and their Sales Engineer Ron McConnell helps us find the system that fits our requirements and gives us the advice we need for a complete manufacturing solution.”

Randy elaborated, “When we purchase a new Muratec system, the service team is resident in our facility and trains our staff to run the automation system to its highest efficiency. This type of partnership allows us to stay at the leading edge and ahead of our competition.” He continued, “2010 was our best year ever for sales and profitability. It was the perfect time to acquire an automation system and machine that would bolster our productivity and ensure we can further our success. We purchased the Muratec Motorum 2548, and we are now able to run our programmed system, Lights Out!”

About Overlanders Manufacturing

Overlanders Manufacturing was founded by a husband and wife team in 1978 as a small sheet metal manufacturing company. Over time, the company grew into a leading edge high tech fabricator of precision sheet metal and tubular products serving companies in the Pacific Northwest, U.S., and British Columbia. Their customers span such diverse industries as Agricultural, Mining, Forestry, and Home Heating Products, to name a few.

The company was dedicated to customer service and this created a stable viable company that caught the interest of the current ownership, Exchange Income Corporation (EIC). In 2006 EIC purchased Overlanders Manufacturing and retained the management team to continue building the business.

EIC was created to invest in profitable, well-established companies with strong cash flows operating in niche markets in Canada and the US, and to distribute stable monthly cash dividends to its
shareholders. EIC invests into viable companies for long-term results and works with them to grow the business. Current subsidiaries reside in two niche business segments, aviation and specialty

About Muratec

In an era dominated by constant technological and economic change, it is rare to find a technologically based company that has been around for over 75 years, much less one that has been a leader in innovation the entire time. But Murata Machinery USA, Inc., located in Charlotte, NC, has been a world leader in forming machinery technology, specializing in sheet metal fabrication applications, service and sales of turret punch presses and material handling equipment.

The roots of the sheet metal machinery department can be traced back to 1970, when the company joined up with the Wiedemann Division of The Warner & Swasey Company; which was established in Philadelphia, USA in 1916, and released the world’s first CNC turret punch press. After that, the company pursued product development and released new products one after another, including plasma ark combined machines and laser combined machines, and also construction of large-scale flexible manufacturing systems.(Wiedemann still exists today as Murata Machinery USA.)

Sheet-metal-processed products realize value by going through many subsequent processes of not only punching, bending and other machining, but also welding and assembly. Efficient creation of this value requires a manufacturing perspective with all processes taken into consideration.Muratec’s Murata Machinery division develops processing machines and systems based on such a perspective, and also offer recommendations for total optimization of machining processes, including reviews of processes and methods, while sharing customer concerns. Through the pursuit of total optimization, they continue to contribute to customers’ value creation.

In 1994, Murata Machinery changed the evolution of the turret punch with the introduction of the first electric award winning servo punch drive — the Motorum 2000 series — which has since become a standard in the industry. Murata also launched revolutionary changes in productivity with the introduction of the first turret punch featuring a turret changer, the NPS-01, and the Motorum 2558 Hybrid, which combines electric turret punch capabilities with laser contour cutting.

Today, Murata Machinery USA remains committed to the traditional values of craftsmanship with engineered products for the future. The company’s sheet metal forming division produces and markets a wide range of machines, with punching capacities ranging from 22 to 45 U.S. tons. The machine configurations range from new servo electric drive to the hydro-mechanical press with contouring options of plasma and laser, as well as a full line of stockers, loaders, and part sorting equipment.

Murata Machinery USA’s Motorum line also offers the latest in sheet metal fabrication technology and reliability, with automation options that take unmanned productivity to new heights with exceptional returns on investment.

Murata Machinery USA, a division of Muratec, offers the latest in technology and reliability in the sheet metal forming industry with their Motorum line. Their experience is built into every machine with the mantra – “Reliability By Design”. For more information, contact: Ron McConnell at 949-466-8255, RMcConnell@Muratec-usa.com, or visit the company website at www.Muratec-usa.com

For more information on Overlanders Manufacturing L.P. and their World Class Manufacturing business please call: Paulo DeGianni Operations Manager at 604-309-9291, PauloD@Overlanders.com