FG Series

fabrication machinery series murata machinery usa, inc.

The FG Series consists of load/unload systems that bring sheet metal automation to the next level of flexibility.

These machines adopt advanced servo control technology for axis drive and programmable parts stacking. By integrating the operator processes of sheet loading, parts sorting, and skeleton unload, the FG Series creates a more efficient and reliable parts production system. Designed to save space, the FG Series delivers fully automatic, reliable, and stable parts handling for efficient pickup of finished parts.
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The FG Tower Series expands the capabilities of the basic FG system with a fully automated tower that allows access to multiple materials, greater parts storage, and multiple skeleton pallets.
Because these machines are equipped with the base FG system layout, they also incorporate a space-saving, compact design and bring sheet metal automation to the next level of flexibility. With the latest in servo control technology, discover how the FG Tower Series can increase lights-out production capacity with more flexibility than ever before.
Designed for fiber laser automation, the FN 3015TL enables you to take fabrication efficiency to the next level. The loader’s 3-ton pallet capacity provides flexible production of material from thin gauge up to .5” thick steel. Learn More

Our FS Series features fully automatic loading and unloading systems designed for productivity, reliability and greater machine uptime.

Each of the three standard systems within this series can increase the production of a single standalone punch press by 100%. This is an economical solution and is especially popular due to its compact size, quiet system operation, and multiple-stack operation.

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Our FS Tower Series features a fully automated tower enabling materials to be simultaneously loaded and unloaded, without stopping system operation.


With this tower, our customers will greatly increase lights-out production capacity during breaks, after normal working hours, and on weekends. Plus, these machines are equipped with drawers that can be used for material or finished parts, depending on what you need.

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The SL-1250 is a compact, economical swing loader that provides fully automatic loading and unloading of full-size material to a turret punch press.

Using the same vacuum head to load material and remove punched parts, the vacuum pads in the SL-1250 can also be physically adjusted to fit the finished part for more reliable unloading.
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