The LS 3015 fiber lasers are revolutionary, innovative solutions that have been designed for operations that require high-precision cutting. Both the GC and FC models are built for maximum efficiency featuring the latest in controls technology, and are fully compatible with a variety of our automatic loaders.

HybridLaser machine only

The LS3015GC is the latest innovation in fiber laser technology and value-added processing. Combine your processes and increase your throughput with this laser cutting and press forming hybrid.



Equipped with advanced technology to maximize cut, quality, reliability, and productivity, each of our fiber laser machines have been engineered to deliver high speeds and high precision at a lower operating costs.

Fiber laser LS3015GC 1

With an integrated flying optics system, this machine can cut through both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. In addition to the speed, accuracy, and quality that are synonymous with the Muratec brand, the LS3015GC also features a smaller footprint and upgraded drive system.



The LS3015FC Fiber Laser is a, two-dimensional fiber laser that is designed for manufacturing operations that require high-precision cutting.

LS3015FC machine only side profile

Delivering sheet metal processing speeds of up to three times faster than similar models on the market, this machine is equipped with advanced technology to maximize cut quality, reliability, and productivity. For high-precision cutting, high processing speeds, and lower operating costs.