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Automating material transport with AGVs frees manufacturers and intralogistics companies from wasting resources on time-consuming manual processes. 

This increased automation gives businesses greater control over inventory and supports 24/7 production. It also supports the workforce by increasing ergonomics and safety. 

Since Murata Machinery USA provides customizable AGVs to support a wide variety of guidance systems, loads, and integrations, it’s possible to address the unique needs of your facility, processes, and workforce.

  • Automated handling solutions for multiple load sizes
  • Advanced facility and process integration capabilities, such as overhead transport, high-speed sorting, and complex handling
  • Navigation options include laser, tape, wire, vision, and magnetic spot-guided
  • Multiple built-in safety features and sensors

Contact us to talk about your AGV manufacturing challenges and we’ll help you identify solutions to enhance productivity and drive the most value.


Picking Productivity

Muratec’s AGV systems are customized to improve operational efficiency by ergonomically delivering material with speed and accuracy.


Systems Installed

For over 50 years, Muratec has been a leading material handling equipment manufacturer, delivering right-fit solutions worldwide.


System Availability

Reliable by design, AGV automation keeps business on schedule by enabling around-the-clock production and distribution activities.


The correct transportation technology improves operational efficiency and ensures smooth material flow, so you can make better use of your floorspace, time, and money. At Murata Machinery USA, we offer a variety of navigation systems – Laser and Tape-Guided, Natural, Wire, Vision, and Magnetic Spot – tailored to the needs of the facility. Explore our optimum solutions.

save money, streamline handling, and support your skilled workforce murata machinery usa, inc.


Overhead Hoist Transportation System

The SKY RAV is our newest overhead hoist transport system. It’s being utilized by a variety of industries, including medical, food, automotive, electrical appliance, and semiconductor manufacturing.

save money, streamline handling, and support your skilled workforce murata machinery usa, inc.


Rail-Guided Vehicle

Our rail-guided, high-speed sorting vehicle, the RTN-X, is an asset to any complex automated pallet handling system. Helping transport product between shipping and receiving, and manufacturing processes.

save money, streamline handling, and support your skilled workforce murata machinery usa, inc.


AGV-Unit Load Magnetic Tape Guided

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.’s Premex Series was designed with the purpose of creating a flow of goods without human intervention. All Premex vehicles and routes are customized to client needs.