Inventory Control

Muratec’s X500 WMS provides total inventory visibility, traceability, and automation control for ultimate asset protection and process efficiency.


Systems Installed

For over 50 years, Muratec has been a leader in the material handling industry delivering right-fit warehouse management systems worldwide.



Reliable by design, Muratec automated warehouse management solutions are built to support around-the-clock production and flexible maintenance.


Sophisticated material handling solutions are only as good as the warehouse management systems that run them. Designed by our systems integration experts, the X500 warehouse management software provides not only total control of inventory and automation, but also custom reporting for process optimization and data-driven business development. When paired with Murata Machinery’s full line of Muratec automated material handling solutions, our customers achieve the operational efficiency they need to propel their business forward.

intelligent warehouse management just got smarter any warehouse management software can tell you where your inventory is, but the x500’s robust multi-site tracking and reporting wms can tell you where your business is headed.

X500 WMS

With Murata Machinery’s X500 Warehouse Management System (WMS), you’ll have the ability to control and monitor the flow of inventory into, within, and out of your warehouse or distribution center.


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