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IMTS 2022 Wildly Successful, Best Booth Nomination

Muratec concluded a wildly successful return to the 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, from Sept. 12-17, with more than 86,300 registrants and 2,400 exhibitors.  Muratec demonstrated 11 machines on the floor, highlighting how we integrate automation across customer supply chains. We conducted “MuraTalk” educational seminars featuring the new MWR120G paired with the MW200, as well as the MT200 and MS60, while hosting thousands of attendees to lunch during our “Pints & Pegs” receptions held daily.

The MWR120G and the iFLiPP loading system paired with the MW35 were unveiled along with the making of custom fabricated and machined gifts that used five machines, including the M2048TS-S turret punch press.  We machined, fabricated, assembled, and gifted “MuraTrucks” and “MuraDesk” sets to more than 1,500 attendees who are now sporting these custom conversation pieces. Thousands of attendees learned how Muratec means more in a 10,000 sq ft booth, resulting being only 1 of 5 nominated for “Best Booth” by IMTS Daily.

imts murata machinery usa, inc.

IMTS Seminar: Automation, Not If, But When…

Do you always react to market conditions or proactively plan your route with automation at your business’s core?  This presentation will discuss the pros and cons of various levels of turning automation, from adding robots to existing lathes to integrated turnkey gantry-driven systems and everything in between.

The question that manufacturing leaders should be asking isn’t “if” they should embrace automation but rather “when” and at what level should automation be an integral part of the business plan. The level of automation that shops choose to automate ultimately dictates the degree of integration amongst their machining or turning processes.

Jeff Tyl,  North American Fabrication & Aftermarket Sales Manager


MW35 + iFLiPP

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