Larger Part Flexibility for Automation

  • June 5, 2019

Larger Part Flexibility for Automation, In today’s manufacturing world, there are challenges when deciding to automate based on machine part fit capabilities versus capital expense for the right machine solution. This is especially true with the need to automate turning machines. The market demands of automation are now over the traditional part diameter capability for standard turning machines of 200mm diameter parts in and 10”-12” chuckers.  

larger part flexibility for automation murata machinery usa, inc.

For example, the Muratec MW200G machine is a standard 10” chucker that has a standard gantry load diameter of 200mm X 120mm in length. The part weight capacity is 8kg x 2 for the 3-axis swivel gantry head. This machine is a proven winner, especially in the very demanding, high volume automotive sector producing transmission components such as carriers, hubs, output carrier shafts, stator shafts, and front supports as well as others. However, Murata Machinery is seeing more and more parts for the 9-10 speed transmission programs as well as parts from the oil and gas industry going just over these specifications.

The next size range of machines in the market made for 15” chucks and beyond, creates a dilemma for the customer. Many times, this range of machines is too large for parts from 200mm-290mm diameter, which can add additional cycle time and a much higher capital equipment cost, especially when automation is involved. This gap can make it difficult for manufacturers to be competitive and profitable.

larger part flexibility for automation murata machinery usa, inc.
larger part flexibility for automation murata machinery usa, inc.

Murata Machinery has developed a winning solution for customers in this exact situation.

The Muratec MW200GS with D290 specification is the remedy allowing for up to 290mm diameter parts to be run on this model. Murata Machinery has been very successful in offering this model with some simple modifications for part transferring through machine automation, making this a great offer that benefits customers for process capability and capital expense. Other features and benefits include:

  1. 12kg x 2 Heavy-duty gantry to move larger and heavier parts.
  2. A2-8 Spindle nose and larger chuck size up to 305mm.
  3. Distance between center is 50mm more, allowing better tooling and workholding clearances.
  4. 30kW/40HP Spindle drives more power and torque for heavy cutting applications.
  5. Wider shutter opening (side-to-side) allows the automation to quickly move the part in and out of the machining area.
  6. Murata can also shift and extend the X and Y-axis gantry rails to accommodate longer parts to move through the machining area.
larger part flexibility for automation murata machinery usa, inc.
larger part flexibility for automation murata machinery usa, inc.

Charlotte, North Carolina serves as Murata Machinery’s U.S. Headquarters, and houses one of the largest engineering and automation facilities for turning machinery in North America. At this facility, engineering teams design, build and assemble in-house items such as post-process gages, wash stations, and infeed-outfeed devices. This facility is a strategic advantage for Murata Machinery and our customers. We can supply full turnkey, machine system integration, and part run-offs on all our machine models loyally, creating a cost-effective and competitive solution for our customers to be successful in the market they serve.

This is Reliability by Design. This is Muratec.

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