Happy Halloween

Lights-Out Manufacturing Doesn’t Have to be Spooky

happy halloween
labor shortages got you spooked? lights-out manufacturing doesn’t have to be spooky

While the spooky season of hocus pocus and trick or treat culminates with Halloween, few things frighten fabrication job shops year-round more than unproductive downtime. The prospect of a ghosted workstation on the shop floor is frightful enough to haunt the productivity dreams of manufacturing executives everywhere.

Spooked by the ongoing labor shortages, shops that would have never considered an automation solution are exorcising their reluctant demons and embracing “lights-out” manufacturing processes to address head-less headcount challenges.

The growing marketplace pressure on fabrication shops to work faster, on a variety of small-batch jobs, with greater flexibility and shorter lead times is only going to magnify any issues manufacturers have with operations: from shortages to production performance, to dependability, to rising costs. A punch/laser multifunction machine may well be the answer. 

Murata Machinery has been a pioneer in fabrication technology for nearly a century. And this combination punch + laser base machine is yet another example of multifunction innovation and artistic product applications.

Watch the multi-function machine in action as it delivers Muratec’s holiday greeting for All Hallows Eve in laser-guided artistic splendor.

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As mentioned in a previous article, this punch/laser multifunction machine manufactures parts from raw materials to finished products with fewer processes, helping everyone work smarter with greater flexibility.  

Multifunction machines can help a typical fabrication shop save up to 50 percent on total production time because they eliminate work-in-progress (WIP) holding and the need to move parts from one machine to another.

With automated speed, you can better position jobs to avoid having parts sit on a pallet for a week before they go to the next process. Best practices include running similar parts together, planning for common materials and thicknesses to maximize output and minimize waste. 

Equipped with advanced technology to optimize cut, reliability, and productivity, our laser machines – including Muratec’s LS3015HL advanced hybrid laser have been engineered to deliver high speeds and high precision at lower operating costs.

LS3015HL advanced hybrid laser

Leveraging the high-speed precision of fiber laser cutting and the accurate forming and tapping performance synonymous with Muratec’s punch press technology, the LS3015HL is the first and only combination machine available today with fiber laser at its core.

With repeat accuracy of ±0.001 and a fast traverse speed of 6,692.9 ipm, it’s ideal for prototypes, large-volume runs, short-run stamping, sample parts production, and varied geometries. Its all-in-one design maximizes floor space, minimizes WIP materials, eliminates the need for secondary processes, and significantly increases throughput.

With several sizes and models available, Muratec’s laser cutting machines provide reliable, precise results for a wide variety of facilities and uses. And that’s no ghost story. 

Contact us today to learn about the LS3015HL or visit Muratec at FABTECH 2022, Nov. 8-10, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Booth B8415, to learn about our latest fabrication technology innovations.


happy halloween
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