Motorum M30510TG


In 1934, Murata Machinery USA, Inc. innovated the turret punch press, and now, with the M30510TG, we’re making it even better. This machine is changing the world of fabrication with new and improved technology offering high accuracy at a lower running cost.

Even at high speeds, the M30510TG offers improved stability. Its two-piece design isolates the press from the table base, which in turn reduces shock, even at maximum tonnage. This means increased precision and higher quality parts. This machine has been designed with the ram servo motor running parallel with the press frame, which makes the press frame more compact for less stress, greater rigidity, improved hole quality, and longer tool life.

Lastly, in addition to the two available choices of optional tapping units, the M30510TG is engineered to allow up to 10 foot long sheets to be run without a reposition. Learn how the M30510TG is innovating the fabrication industry with its new and improved technology; contact us today!

m30510tg turret punch press murata machinery usa, inc.
m30510tg turret punch press murata machinery usa, inc.
m30510tg turret punch press murata machinery usa, inc.

Motorum M30510TG Machine Specs & Technical Data

  • Latest Servo-Driven Ram Technology

Featuring new and improved fabrication technology, the M30510TG offers more speed and accuracy at a lower running cost than ever before.

  • Improved Stability at High Speeds

This machine’s design improves the stability and accuracy of the punch press, especially during high-speed movements.

  • High-Quality Parts

This machine features less stress under a compact press frame and reduced shock, both of which result in higher quality parts.

Punching Capacity
33.6 tons
Max. Sheet Thickness
0.25 in
Table Speed
4921.3 in/min

The Motorum M30510TG at a Glance

  • 33.6 tons
  • 0.25 in
  • 60.0 in x 120.0 in
  • 114 Style: 63.7 in
    Spring Style: 63.0 in
  • 4921.3 in/min
  • Standard: 44 Station (4 A/I) (114 Style)
    Optional: 54 Station (2 A/I) (114 Style)
    Standard: 46 Station (4 A/I) (Spring Style)
  • Punching: 0.984 in Pitch, 510 HPM
    Marking: 0.020 in Pitch, 1000 HPM
  • 0.004 in

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