In today’s highly automated semiconductor manufacturing facilities, we build chips which can be carefully stored, tracked, and handled in the most efficient manner possible.

This is true for test, WIP, reticle/mask, and a variety of other specialty carriers that contain wafers. At Murata Machinery USA, Inc., our automated material handling systems (AMHS) include a suite of storage and buffering systems which act as standalone operators, integrating seamlessly into various automated transport systems.


Engineered for wafer carrier storage, the Muratec stockers are typically used in 200mm and 300mm fabs.

These stockers also feature various options for the addition of multiple operators, overhead transport, conveyor port systems, and N2/xCDA purge applications.

Reticle Stockers

The Muratec CDRX Reticle Stocker combines high-density reticle and masks storage with reticle pod storage into one, world-class solution.

Featuring storage of up to 1,920 reticles, the CDRX is able to minimize crystal and haze growth via an N2/xCDA purge in an ISO CLASS 1 environment.

Tool Station Buffers

The Muratec detachable tool front FOUP buffer systems enhance tool productivity, working with an OHT AMHS system to minimize tool waiting time.

This means less time spent waiting for the WIP to arrive or depart at the tool load ports. Find the right tool station buffer for you!

Zero Footprint Storage

Providing storage for WIP carriers and reticle pods, our Zero Footprint Storage (ZFS) systems are engineered to deliver substantial cleanroom footprint savings.

With a Muratec ZFS system, storage is available in high-density storage designs for both under-track and side-track (both sides).