Tool Station Buffers

Increasing tool utilization is a key metric in achieving maximum efficiency and reducing production costs in today’s advanced semiconductor fabs. Our detachable tool front FOUP buffer systems enhance tool productivity, working with an OHT AMHS system to minimize tool waiting time. This means less time spent waiting for the WIP to arrive or depart at the tool load ports!

Our tool station buffers seek to minimize the challenges of production mixes and changes, which can often create continuous challenges over time. What’s more, they also feature options for floor or ceiling mounting, which further enhances the flexibility of this useful production tool.

With solutions like our tool station buffers, we’re continuing to build upon our longstanding tradition of innovative design, reliability, and productivity. Contact us today to learn more!

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Tool Station Buffers at a Glance

We currently feature three tool station buffering solutions:

  1. TS300
  2. TS300RV
  3. Hand and Carry

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