Motorum M2548TS

We’ve been revolutionizing the servo-electric punch press for years, and the M2548TS is an example of this innovation. Designed with the latest technology, this machine works at incredibly fast speeds for higher production rates, energy efficient operation, and reduced maintenance costs. Post processes are integrated into the system, including bending, forming and tapping; this integration enables users to maximize productivity with minimal setup and programming time.

The M2548TS works at higher auto-index speeds up to 180 RPM and delivers a faster punch rate of 400 HPM. Designed with the environment in mind, you can count on this machine to use energy only at the time of punching.

Our HMI Intelligent Control Interface enables this machine to enhance production time by monitoring setup time required by the operator. Assistance is provided for tool changes, turret load monitoring, scheduling, and tool maintenance, along with other features that maximize the machine’s greenlight time.

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The Motorum M2548TS at a Glance

  • Higher Auto-Index Speed

The M2548TS improves productivity and moves at higher auto-index speeds of up to 180 RPM.

  • Faster Punch Rate

With its servo electric punch drive system, the M2548TS delivers a faster punch rate of up to 400 HPM.

  • Environmentally Friendly

The M2548TS is an environmentally friendly machine that uses energy only at the time of punching.

Punching Capacity
Max. Sheet Thickness
Table Speed

Motorum M2548TS

  • 27.6tons
  • 0.25in
  • 49.2 in x 98.4 in
    1,250 mm x 2,500 mm
  • 114 Style: 52.7 in | 1,340 mm
    Spring Style: 52.0 in | 1,322 mm
  • 4,921.3in/min
  • Standard: 44 Station (4 A/I) (114 Style)
    Optional: 54 Station (2 A/I) (114 Style)
    Standard: 46 Station (4 A/I) (Spring Style)
  • Punching: 0.984 in (25 mm) Pitch, 400 HPM
    Nibbling: 0.039 in (1 mm) Pitch, 800 HPM
  • 0.004in

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