Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

The machines within our 33-ton series feature the latest in fabrication technology.

Equipped with a servo-driven ram, the Motororum 33-ton machines are designed to improve stability, even at maximum speeds, making them the ultimate solution for those seeking to improve efficiency and productivity with an innovative solution. Take a moment to learn more, and find the right machine for you!

Motorum M3048TG

The M3048TG features the latest process integration options, reducing post processes by supporting tapping, forming, marking, deburring, and various other automation options.

This machine is a servo-driven ram punch press that has been designed with the latest in fabrication technology which allows for stability even at maximum tonnage. Find out how you can increase productivity with the M3048TG.

Motorum M3058TG

A proclaimed "green machine" the M3058TG, supports both the environment and power efficiency by using energy only at the time of punching. With its large turrets, this machine is flexible, allowing for greater on-demand tool availability. Its design supports stability at maximum tonnage, and by supporting tapping, forming, marking, deburring, and more, this machine reduces post processes.

Motorum M30510TG

The M30510TG is changing the world of fabrication with new and improved technology, and offers more speed and accuracy at a lower running cost than ever before.

Its two-piece design isolates the press from the table base, reducing shock at maximum tonnage and improving stability at high speeds.