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FG 2512

The FG 2512 is a model within our FG Series of load/unload systems. Bringing sheet metal automation to the next level in flexibility, the FG Series adopts advanced servo control technology for axis drive and programmable parts stacking. With operator processes integrated, including sheet loading, parts sorting, and skeleton unload, the FG 2512 creates a more efficient and reliable parts production system.

The system layout of the FG Series incorporates a space-saving, compact design. The raw material, finished product, and skeleton stations are located on the right side of the punch press in a compact floor plan. Manual load/unload operations are always possible from the left side of the punch press. The system can be easily expanded with a material loading system from the operator side of the machine to enhance system capacity and performance.

The FG 2512 is designed for precision in placement and allows for full-size sheets or cut-to-size parts to be automatically loaded and unloaded. This machine could even be used to finish parts, pallets, carts, conveyors, bins, and much more.

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  • Product Sheet

The FG 2512 at a Glance

  • Expandable Loader Arm

The FG 2512 features expandable loader arms to suit a variety of different sheet and part sizes.

  • Fully Automatic Parts Handling

The FG 2512 delivers fully automatic, reliable, and stable parts handling for efficient pickup of finished parts.

  • Designed to Save Space

The system layout of the FG 2512 incorporates a space-saving design, making it an optimal choice for a compact floorplan.


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FG 2512 Machine Specs & Technical Data

  • 49.2 in x 98.4 in
    1250 mm x 2500 mm
  • 11.8 in x 29.5 in (300 mm x 750 mm) *full
    sheet load/unload
    33.5 in x 59.0 in (850 mm x 1500 mm) *for
    skeleton unload
  • 0.023 in - 0.177 in
    0.6 mm - 4.5 mm
  • Single Material, Product and Skeleton
    pallets (2.2 tons each) Optional extended
    rail includes two carts

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    FG 2512 Machine Specs & Technical Data

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