Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Our FS Tower Series expands the capabilities of the basic FS Series with the addition
of a fully automated tower.

This tower allows access to multiple materials, as well as greater parts storage, and material can be simultaneously loaded and unloaded, without stopping system operation. With this tower, our customers will greatly increase lights-out production capacity during breaks, after normal working hours, and on weekends. Plus, these machines are equipped with drawers that can be used for material or finished parts, depending on what you need. Learn more about the machines within our FS Tower Series!

FS 2512T

Offering the basic capabilities of the FS Series, this system is equipped with a fully automated tower, which allows for simultaneous loading and unloading, without stopping system operation.

This machine allows for same side load and unload, machine operators are free to focus on other responsibilities, including maintenance and manual operation.

FS 3012T

The FS 3012T is the mid-sized solution within our FS Tower Series and performs automatic loading and unloading functions for the turret punch press.

This machine is capable of performing fully automatic load/unload operations, automatic load/manual unload, and manual load/automatic unload..

FS 3015T

If you're handling large, full-size material, the FS 3015T is the largest system within our FS Tower Series.

This series is designed for the automatic loading and unloading of materials for turret punch presses. Offering the standard capabilities of the FS Series, the FS 3015T is also designed with a fully automated tower, which provides greater parts storage, while also allowing access to multiple materials. Discover the other capabilities offered by the FS 3015T!