G2P Tote Picking

All too often, operators find themselves spending more time walking to the location of the product than they do actually picking. Picking is the activity adding value, and with our G2P (goods-to-person) Tote Picking solution, operators can focus on what really matters: picking. This results in greater productivity for operators, as well as improved value for facilities.

Our G2P Tote Picking solution incorporates automation to bring material directly to an operator, eliminating time wasted by moving or walking to the product. With our mini-load automated storage and retrieval systems, a variety of goods can be delivered to the operator workstation for pick up, making them an optimal solution for a variety of applications.

The G2P Tote Picking system is just one example of the many ways Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is dedicated to reducing manufacturing costs and improving quality through the use of automated material handling. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Product Sheet

G2P Tote Picking at a Glance

  • Goods-to-Person Delivery

Our G2P Tote Picking solution delivers totes containing goods directly to a person. From there, the operator picks goods or parts from those totes.

  • More Time for Picking

Rather than spending their time moving to the product, our G2P Tote Picking solution allows operators to focus on the activity that is adding value: picking.

  • Customized

As with all automated solutions engineered by Murata Machinery USA, Inc., our G2P Tote Picking solution can be customized to meet your unique material handling needs.

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