A8 Very Narrow Aisle Forklift that Maneuvers in Reduced Aisle, High-Bay Racks with Ease, Speed, and Efficiency

A8 Very Narrow Aisle

Comparable to the A8 heavy counterbalance solution, the smaller A8 automated VNA navigates at high speeds in very narrow aisles. A slim profile and unique features enable it to maneuver in reduced aisle widths, increasing warehouse holding capacity compared to reach trucks. Moves versatile loads up to 6,600 lbs with a reach of 34 ft.

Designed to transport pallets and containers into high-bay racks with ease, speed, and efficiency. Ideal for use in warehouses/high-ceiling facilities because of its ability to navigate space constraints without vehicle transit issues.

Use Applications
ASRS Interface, Back-Side Picking, Block Stacking, Cold Storage, Conveyor Interface, Mobile Rack Transfer, Pallet Mover, Pallet Rack Transfer, Production Pick-Up/Delivery, Trailer Loading/Unloading, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)


Contour, Inductive Wire, Inertial, Laser, Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Spot, Painted Line, QR Code

Travel Speed

294 ft/min
90 m/min




-10° F to 104° F
-23° C to 40° C

Material Handling Type

Automated Forklift Counterbalance, Side Loader Reach Forks, Automated Side Loader Conveyor, Automatic Tow

Load Capacity (max)

6600 lbs
3000 kg


Front and Rear SICK S300 Sensors
Top SICK TIM Sensor
E-Stop on Vehicle
Audible Travel Noise
Blue Travel Light
Emergency Stops




Wireless LAN

Lift Height or Lift Stroke

34 ft
10.5 m

Charging Method

Opportunity Charge
Automatic Battery Exchange
Manual Battery Exchange

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Differentiators at a Glance

Slim profile and heavy-duty counterbalance,

navigating narrow aisles with ease and reaching heights up to 34 ft.

Maximum load of 6,600 lbs,

transporting pallets and containers into high-bay racks with accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

High-volume handling applications,

stocking pallets on high racks, working in dense storage or selective racking in narrow aisles.

Operates in cold & hot storage environments,

ranging from -13º F to 104º F (-23º C to 40º C).

Muratec Group's A8 Counterbalance Forklift stacks and destacks pallets up to 34 ft/12 m high.



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