Muratec driverless automated guided forklifts offer multidirectional capabilities in various environments. Compare specs, explore applications, or request a quote.

Premex Series SLX Fork-Style AGV

Flexible, space-saving, highly maneuverable automated forklift vehicles with single and multi-drive capabilities can travel in narrow aisles and small spaces at high speeds. Delivers 360-degree turning using direct drive gear motors for single- and multi-drive capabilities. Safely transfers a maximum of 2,200 pounds while lifting loads up to 14 ft. Moves at speeds up to 295 ft/min, equipped with three laser scanners for multi-directional safety monitoring. Offers options for high-elevation access and multi-depth transfer in high-density storage areas.  With SLAM technology guidance, vehicles are easily installed in existing production environments without adding positioning devices. Flexible map creation minimizes layout work, making integration more efficient and manageable.

The Premex (Premium Express) series was designed to create a flow of goods without human intervention. Its three distinct base configurations can address a wide variety of unique material handling needs. Each one is engineered to enable maximum productivity with flexible adaptation and modularity to support ROI-driven automation investments with the option to easily add vehicles as your business grows.  All Premex vehicles are tailored to application requirements, taking into account load types and sizes, transportation routes, optimum number of vehicles, load transfer options, and interfacing equipment for safe, reliable retrieval and transport of goods. 

Use Applications
Back-Side Picking, Block Stacking, Cold Storage (only SLX), Conveyor Interface, Mobile Rack Transfer, Pallet Mover, Pallet Rack Transfer, Production Pick-Up/Delivery



Material Handling Type Transfer Unit

Automated forklift, Fork over support legs


Wireless LAN

Travel Speed (Straight line) (max)

"295 ft/min
90 m/min"

Load Capacity (max)

"2200 lbs
1000 kg"

Lift Height (max) Lift Stroke (LD max)

"13 ft
4 m"




"360° Laser Scanners
Bumper Sensors
Warning Lights
Emergency Stops
Warning Sounds"

Charging Method

Quick Automatic Charge


"-13° F to 104° F
-25° C to 40° C"



Automated Guided Vehicles: Buyer's Guide

A comprehensive guide to AGVs and how they help you reduce labor needs, remove opportunities for human error, and improve working

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Differentiators at a Glance

Multi-directional monitoring from three laser scanners

ensures safe movement in all directions in high-traffic areas.

Operates in cold & hot storage environments,

ranging from -13º F to 104º F (-23º C to 40º C)."

Multi-drive and maneuvering capabilities,

makes mobile and pallet rack loading and unloading easier, faster, and more efficient.

"SLAM guidance enables quick integration into production,

reducing the need to install positioning devices.

Watch: Muratec Premex SLX automated forklift at work in confectionery manufacturing.


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