Premex Series | SLX Fork-Style AGV with SLAM Navigation

The Premex (Premium Express) series was designed to create a flow of goods without human intervention. Its three distinct base configurations can address a wide variety of unique material handling needs. Each one is engineered to enable maximum productivity with flexible adaptation and modularity to support ROI-driven automation investments with the option to easily add vehicles as your business grows. 

All Premex vehicles are tailored to application requirements, taking into account load types and sizes, transportation routes, optimum number of vehicles, load transfer options, and interfacing equipment for safe, reliable retrieval and transport of goods. 

Premex SLX Fork-Style AGV with SLAM Navigation

The SLX driverless forklift is a pragmatic material retrieval and transport solution for handling pallet loads in narrow aisles, compatible with mobile rack and pallet rack transfers, and back-side replenishment for continuous picking. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) navigation technology allows 360 degree-turning and eliminates the need for guidance paths or lasers, which supports easy installation in existing warehouses and flexible layouts. Multi-drive capabilities enable safe travel in tight spaces, improving cycle times, and increasing employee safety. 

Unlike some other fork-style AGVs, the Premex SLX is clean room compliant, enabling automatic transfers without risk of human contamination. The Premex SLX is also compatible with refrigerated and frozen environments, allowing continuous operation without requiring warm-up breaks. It can also be equipped with a satellite vehicle for high reach and multi-deep access, allowing end-to-end automation in high-density applications.


Vehicle Size: (L) 7.4 ft / 2,250 mm (W) 4.3 ft / 1,300 mm (H) 8.9 ft / 2,700 mm
Max Load Size: (L) 3.6 ft / 1,100 mm (W) 3.9 ft /1,200 mm (H) 4.9 ft / 1,500 mm
Navigation: SLAM
Material Handling Type Transfer Unit: Automated forklift, fork over support legs
Communication: Wireless LAN
Travel Speed (Straight Line): > 295 ft/min / 90 m/min
Load Capacity (Max): > 2,205 lbs / 1,000 kg
Lift Height (Max) / Lift Stroke (LD Max): > 13 ft / > 4m
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Safety: 360° Laser Scanners, Bumper Sensors, Warning Lights, Emergency Stops, Warning Sounds
Charging Method: Quick Automatic Charge
Temperature: -13℉ to 104℉ / -25℃ to 40℃
Environment: Indoor

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