VCF Winder

For Textile businesses seeking an automatic winding solution in a compact design, look no further than the Vertical Conveyor Feeder (VCF) Winder. This model delivers the same speed as all our Process Coner II QPRO EX machines, while saving on floor space.

The VCF winder offers a simple supply operation and an optional double feeding system, allowing two different types of yarns to wind simultaneously.  The VCF winder can save as much as 75% in the cost of labor when compared to traditional magazine type. This energy-efficient machine improves productivity and is user-friendly, making it a great fit for even the most complex winding applications.

For high-quality yarn that is manufactured efficiently, Contact us today to learn more about the VCF winder and our other automatic winding machines.

  • Product Sheet

The VCF Winder at a Glance

  • Compact Size

The VCF Winder is our most compact winding machine in our semi-automatic QPRO EX series.

  • Dual Winding

The VCF winder has an optional double feeding system, which enables operators to wind two kinds of yarn simultaneously.

  • High-Quality Yarn

All of the models within our Process Coner II QPRO EX series are known for delivering high-tech, high-quality yarn at efficient speeds.

  • Equipped with a Visul On-Demand System

This machine is designed with the Visual On-Demand System (VOS) for easy set-up, monitoring and data analysis. 

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Get A Quote

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