Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

The MD Series machines feature automated CNC turning centers with live-tooling capabilities, including drilling and milling.

These machines are able to efficiently meet both low and high-volume production requirements by combining multiple operations into a single machine. With our integrated 3-Axis gantry robot loader and compact machine footprint, the MD Series machines support reduced labor costs and efficient production space planning for your facility.


The MD60 single spindle CNC turning center is the ultimate solution for multi-processing turning.

A top-performer of our MD Series, this machine features live-tooling capabilities, including milling and drilling, and can perform both low- and high-volume tooling projects.


The MD100 is a single spindle CNC turning center with integrated live-tooling capabilities combining multiple operations into one, highly accurate machine.

A next-generation solution for lean manufacturing systems, the MD100 features a compact design to increase efficiency and improved productivity.


Suitable for various types and patterns of production, the MD120 is a versatile solution for a unique requirements and configurations.

With two spindles and the automatic part turnaround device, the MD120 offers endless possibilities to your part processing needs, including simultaneous part processing, first op / second op processing, or multi-part processing.


With the power of many machines in one, the MD200 delivers accuracy, efficiency and improved productivity, while reducing the cost of labor.

With drilling and milling in a single setup, this solution provides forward-thinking technology for lean systems and flexible line planning and delivers the power of many machines from a single source.