If you thought the MW120GTEX was precise, wait until you see what the MW120HG can do. This twin spindle turning center delivers super high precision for hard turning applications. This machine eliminates vibration, offering a higher level of precision than any model on the market.

While the ‘G’ in the MW120HG refers to its ‘gantry’, the ‘H’ refers to ‘hard turning’, highlighting this machine’s ability to cut materials with a hardness of more than HRC 45. One of the ways this machine delivers high precision turning of hard parts is through the elimination of grinding. The machine bed and enclosures are separate from one another, with the gantry isolated as well; this design helps to eliminate the risk of vibration from one spindle to the next. Plus, the MW120HG comes equipped with a high-resolution controller and direct X-axis servo motor drive for improved accuracy

With high-speed turning, super precision and reduced cycle time, the benefits of this machine are seemingly limitless. To learn more about the MW120HG and how it works for hard turning applications, contact us today!

  • Product Sheet

The MW120HG at a Glance

  • Super Precise

The MW120HG delivers super precision turning and is designed to eliminate grinding and vibrations.

  • Hard Turning Applications

The MW120HG delivers super high precision for hard turning applications and can cut parts with a hardness of more than HRC 45.

  • Shorter Cycle Times

With its twin spindles and high-speed gantry loader, the MW120HG has what it takes to improve productivity with shorter cycle times.

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