The MW120II features a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader that offers significantly increased rapid traverse speeds in the X, Y, and Z axes. With this newly designed high-speed gantry loader, traverse speeds 1.5 times those of the traditional gantry loader can be achieved.

The MW120II twin spindle machine is designed for high rigidity with an enhanced headstock shape and X-axis linear guide. An improved turret shape and relocated z-axis ball screw and turret bar creates ultimate following capability.

Adding to its efficiency, the MW120IIs newly-developed turnaround unit is half the size of conventional units reducing space requirements on the shop floor, especially when its used in a cell configuration. To learn more about the MW120II, or for a free production comparison, contact our expert turning team.

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The MW120II at a Glance

  • Compact Size

The MW120IIs compact nature is a great space-saver, especially when two machines are combined.

  • Improved Productivity

Lightweight gantry loaders for increased rapid traverse speeds.

  • Idle Time Reduction

Turret clamp/unclamp, chuck clamp/unclamp, and higher speed shutter doors have resulted in load/unload time reductions more than 3 seconds per part.

Number of Turret Stations
8 x 2 STA
Spindle Nose Size
JIS A2-5
Spindle Drive Motor
11 kW/30 min


  • 8 x 2 STA
  • 9,700.0lb
  • 8 in | 210 mm
  • 4500RPM
  • JIS A2-5
  • 11 kW/30 min
  • X-axis 24 m/min | Z-axis 24 m/min
  • Φ120 mm x 80 mm , up to 3.0kg/piece

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