Mass Production for Small Workpieces

  • June 13, 2019

mass production for small workpieces murata machinery usa, inc.For high-volume screw manufacturers, replacing cam-operated multi-spindle machines with CNC-controlled solutions is critical to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. With an automated turning machine, screw producers can reap significant cost savings by converting high-priced bar fed materials into pre-formed blanks, reducing raw material waste.

By eliminating the need for high-cost form tools, the MW35 can perform turning operations with complex part geometry and stringent finish requirements. In addition to its lightning-fast production speeds, the MW35 twin spindle turning center accelerates ROI on high-volume screw machining.

At the center of the MW35 design is its ability to move parts quickly through the machining process with minimal idle times. This high-speed machine is capable of loading and unloading parts in three seconds or less. The MW35 loading system is servo-controlled and easily programmed through the machines CNC control. This fully-automated control enables raw material to be bulk fed into the machine spindles via integrated bowl feed systems, allowing for unattended machining.

Additionally, the MW35 can be linked together with other high-performance turning centers creating a cell configuration for multiple or same machining operations per spindle. The flexibility of a MW35 cell makes them adaptable to meet current and future production volumes.

mass production for small workpieces murata machinery usa, inc.The MW35 is also designed for ultimate tool flexibility. This agile machine features a gang-style tool plate capable of holding a maximum of 5 tools on the X1-axis for each spindle, along with an X2 independent CNC controlled axis, enabling two simultaneous tools in the cut. The flexible tooling stations on the MW35 allow for quick setup using off-the-shelf prequalified tooling, and the machining process can be easily modified via the CNC control part program and programmable tool offsets.

Muratec’s extensive history of providing reliable automation has proven itself with the MW35. Delivering speed, compact size, dual spindles, and simultaneous multi-tool cutting capabilities, the MW35 delivers the power of two machines in one compact unit.

To learn more about our automated turning options, contact your local turning expert today!

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