Industry-First Ledger A3 Mini-Load AS/RS

Ledger A3 Mini-Load AS/RS - Four-Tote Carriage Mini-Load Crane for Small/Lightweight Product Storage & Retrieval

industry-first ledger a3 mini-load as/rs murata machinery usa, inc.Press Release

Charlotte, NC –  Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (Muratec), a logistics & clean room automation forerunner and a world-class leader in machine tool and fabrication technology, announces its latest addition to Muratec’s range of automated material handling solutions for small product storage and retrieval – the new Ledger A3 mini-load is a high-density, four-tote carriage automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

The Ledger A3 AS/RS is an industry-first mini-load with high-speed, simultaneous carriage loading and unloading of four totes for storing, picking, and sorting small, lightweight goods. Designed to provide maximum high-density storage and retrieval for high-throughput distribution applications, this new crane delivers double the capacity compared to a conventional mini-load AS/RS.

With twice the storage/retrieval capacity of single or twin deep storage mini-loads, this four-tote carriage solution moves up to 400 totes per hour with two (2) times more efficiency of conventional systems. Traveling at 984 ft/min (300 m/min), lifting 360 ft/min (110 m/min), with a size capacity of 13.4 in. (W), 18.9 in. (D), and 11 in. (H) maximum, stacker cranes transfer Ledger A3 size (11” x 13.4”) totes individually or four simultaneously, speeding in/out retrieval and overall throughput.

industry-first ledger a3 mini-load as/rs murata machinery usa, inc.“Muratec’s Ledger A3 feeds the marketplace’s need for a high-density crane that can sort and retrieve various small loads with speed and accuracy while reducing the number of load touches. It’s perfect for applications requiring more in/out capacity and helps reduce manual labor costs,” said Scott Matlock, Murata Machinery USA, General Manager, L&A Division.

Combined with Muratec’s rail-guided, bi-directional shuttle sortation loop or “SHUTTLINER,” the Ledger A3 can operate as a highly optimal goods-to-person (G2P) system to minimize manual handling errors and boost throughput. Integrating the A3 mini-load with a SHUTTLINER that feeds a G2P solution delivers inbound and outbound picking in a single structure, saving warehouse floor space and builds long-term expansion flexibility.

“In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, consumers are demanding their products immediately, if not sooner, leaving businesses to react to tighter speed of delivery expectations across manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution markets,” Matlock added. “Automation is no longer an optional luxury but a competitive necessity.” 

Muratec’s North American introduction of the Ledger A3 mini-load follows numerous successful implementations in high throughput, small goods warehouse and distribution environments in the medical & pharmaceutical (syringes, pill bottles), cosmetics (tubes, bottles, jars), and food & beverage (confectionery products, candy) sectors.

Murata Machinery USA will introduce this innovative small product Ledger A3 four-tote carriage at Promat 2023, in Chicago, from March 20-23, McCormick Place, South Hall, Booth S2703a.

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