Cost per part increases every time an operator touches the part. Increase productivity and reduce labor costs with an automated turning center that runs unattended for extended periods.

Murata Machinery offers a variety of automated CNC turning centers:

  • Single spindle
  • Dual spindle
  • Opposed spindle
  • Live tooling
  • Shaft turning machines

Engineered with automation at the core, our CNC turning centers come equipped with integrated gantry loaders and programmable designs to fit any application. Turnkey solutions and quick delivery on standard machine models are also available.

If you’re deciding between turning centers, fill out the form to access our product catalog with detailed specs on each model.

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More Parts

Designed for hyper-efficiency, shops with automated turning lathe machines have shown a production increase of 15% daily.


Labor Savings

When compared to operator loaded/unloaded machines, Muratec machine tools can reduce labor cost up to 80% annually.


Low Maintenance Cost

Reliable by design, the average annual maintenance costs of Muratec CNC machines is as low as $500.