Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Murata Machinery Ltd. Acquires Swedish AGV Manufacturer, AGVE AB

  • March 9, 2018

KYOTO, JAPAN – March 9th, 2018 – On February 28th, 2018, Murata Machinery Ltd. (Muratec) acquired 100% share of AGVE AB (AGVE) from the existing shareholders and AGVE AB, and its subsidiaries (AGVE Group) have become members of Muratec Group.

AGVE was established in Goteborg, Sweden in 1985. It has 43 employees, with annual sales of 89 million Swedish krone in 2017.

AGVE started with the development and sale of AGV system controls, and its control technology is highly regarded worldwide. AGVE demonstrates its strength in customized development according to the individual needs of each customer. AGVE has numerous deliveries to a wide range of industries, mainly in the manufacturing environments for automobile, electronic equipment, and pharmaceutical products. Currently, AGVE continues to grow as a leading supplier of AGVs in over 20 countries including the major market Europe, the United States and the UK with subsidiaries, and other countries.

As AGVE joins the group, Muratec can enhance the technical power of the AGV solution and its proposal capability as a system integrator. Additionally, by making use of the board coverage of the Muratec Group’s network, both companies can increase customer satisfaction and post-sales services.

The L&A Division has set the basic policy of the Three-Year Plan as “Current trends toward changeover in industrial structure allow us to provide optimum logistics solutions that will grow our organization into a lasting, highly profitable business.” In its “changeover in industrial structure”, AGV is a particularly prominent field of growth. The expectations for flexibility of AGV as a conveyance device such as stationary equipment less and unconstrained conveyance are increasing more and more at the site of rapidly changing manufacturing and distribution, and its use has expanded beyond the conventional frame. Strengthening the AGV business is essential for the future success as a system integrator.

As the for the acquisition of AGVE at this time, as L&A Division, it is the integration of overseas enterprises following 2014 Cimcorp. Just as with Cimcorp, we hope that the integration not only increases sales figures but also we learn a lot from the AGVE’s unique ideas as we grow together.

AGVE and Muratec, who have each spent many years fostering a corporate culture as a sincere manufacturer of industrial goods, have sufficiently similar sense of values, and are confident that we are able to meet the expectations of our customers all over the world as the machine supplier and solution provider with a better ability to make proposals.

I strongly believe that the joining of AGVE and the L&A Division will result in great benefits for both companies.


Toshihiko Ishiyama
Managing Director, GM of Logistics & Automation Division