Muratec MT100: A job shop in a box

  • August 15, 2017

Charlotte, August 15, 2017 – As one of the most efficient turning centers in their MT
Series product line, Murata Machinery, USA has recently described the MT100 as ‘a job
shop in a box.’ There are many reasons that Murata Machinery uses this phrase to
describe the MT100, a CNC turning center that was created to accommodate more
complex parts.

For one, with twin opposing spindles, this machine can do just about anything. Whereas
parallel spindles present certain limitations, the MT100’s opposing spindles allow it to
be ultra-versatile, and with all live tool stations, this machine is an ideal option for parts
that require a variety of cutting tools throughout their turning process.

As a multi-tasking turning center, customers can request two or three turrets per
machine. The basic model features a turret above the center line and a turret below.
With this design, each turret can serve either spindle at any given time, a benefit that
allows machine operators to utilize multiple tools in a single cut for reduced cycle times
and greater productivity.

The MT100 is also ultra-versatile and comes equipped with a standard Y-axis on all
turrets. This standard Y-axis capability gives Murata Machinery customers the
advantage to machine the most complex parts. Typically, this style of machine can only
utilize a bar feeder, which, though effective, is very limiting in terms of part diameter.
The MT100 is ultra-versatile and can utilize either a bar feeder or a gantry loader to load
slugs, or both, to better accommodate parts of varying sizes.

At every facet of its design, reliability and uptime are considered, making the MT100 an
optimal choice for companies seeking improved productivity on their complex parts.
Like all of Murata Machinery’s solutions, the MT100 can be engineered to meet unique part
specifications. With the power of multiple machines in one, and the ability to turn
highly complex parts, the MT100 is everything you need for ultra-versatility, in a single
machine. In short, it truly is a job shop in a box.

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