Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Optimize Cutting Efficiency with Murata Machinery’s High-Precision Fiber Laser

  • April 17, 2017

CHARLOTTE, NC – April 17, 2017 — Murata Machinery USA, Inc., a world leader in the manufacturing and design of high-productivity metal fabrication machines and automation, is the proud engineer of the revolutionary 2D fiber laser for manufacturing operations that require high-precision cutting.

From conception, the Muratec LS3015FC fiber laser was designed to take full advantage of all that the IPG solid state fiber source has to offer. With a complete X, Y and Z Fanuc linear drive system, the LS3015FC delivers class-leading processing speed while maintaining Muratec’s unrivaled accuracy. Since 1934, reliability and ease of use have been the keystones of engineering the Muratec product line.

“This laser is truly a great leap forward in laser technology because it’s not just a new feature or mechanical add-on. It’s a real advancement, and we’re excited to bring it to market,” states Andrew Wildman, Lead Laser Engineer at Murata Machinery. “We have 5 years of development and testing to ensure that we offer a machine capable of standing the test of time.”

Fiber laser technology delivers a small beam of focused, coherent light, making it the leading approach to cutting thin materials. With fiber laser technology, there is no need for additional optics, and fabricators are freed from common hassles such as oils, filters or costly resonator rebuilds. The simplicity of this technology is essential to fabrication efficiency, as it’s developed to minimize operator training and reduce maintenance costs.

Rick Dorman, National Sales Manager for the Fabrication Division, speaks to the added benefits of the new fiber laser stating, “In addition to lower maintenance costs, the fiber laser also has a very low operation cost compared to the CO2 lasers. The added ability to cut reflective materials is also a big advancement in the sheet metal fabrication industry.”

Renowned for providing superior automation and material handling solutions, Murata Machinery has developed the Muratec LS3015FC laser to address the “good problem” of increased production. Now more than ever, fabricators require an efficient operation to remain competitive. Not only has the LS3015FC laser enabled machine productivity to increase over 100% during normal operation, when paired with lights out operation, an even higher utilization is achieved offering peak optimization to job shops and OEM manufacturers alike.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., Kyoto, Japan and is comprised of four divisions: Machine Tools, made up of Turning and Fabrication business units; Logistics and Automation; Clean Factory Automation; and Textiles. From its headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Murata Machinery USA, Inc.’s Fabrication business unit supplies reliable, turret punch presses, fiber lasers and automation/loaders under its Muratec brand. Murata Machinery continues to be a world leader in the manufacturing and design of high productivity metal fabrication machines.