Two turning centers are better then one

  • April 6, 2022

Charlotte, NC – The Muratec High-Production Turning Cell seamlessly combines two Muratec twin-spindle turning centers with an integrated raw-parts feeder system, transfer/turn-around unit, and Post Process Gauge (PPG) in a single linear layout. This modified configuration will allow you to increase throughput of parts with the added benefit of cost, space, and manpower savings.

At the heart of the cell are two Muratec twin-spindle turning centers, which double the output of finished parts. By utilizing a single infeed unit and Post Process Gauge for both turning centers, a reduction in floor space and manpower requirements is achieved. Roughly 40 of these high-production cells have been installed using the popular MW50 and MW80 turning center platforms. Muratec’s High Production Turning Cells are currently producing millions of high precision automotive parts for critical component suppliers across the country.

“When we combine (2) MW80GT machines into a manufacturing cell, we feel that this is the most efficient and economical solution in the industry to turn small, symmetric parts under 80mm in diameter. We’ve had tremendous success with these cells in the marketplace.” Says Steve Landrum, North American Sales Manager.

Muratec’s integrated Post Process Gauging allows the user to control individual feature tolerances and feedback data to the turning centers for hours of problem-free, unmanned operation. Combining these peripheral units with two turning centers reduces the capital investment needed compared to a single-machine cell format.

Muratec MW models are “built for automation” and are fully customizable. Their proven high-speed gantry loaders and gang-style or turret type tooling can accommodate parts up to 400mm in diameter with lightning fast load/ reload times. Teamed with Murata Machinery’s high volume precision manufacturing experience, the High Production Turning Cell is the best choice for all of your automated turning needs.

The Muratec High-Production Turning Cell provides an efficient workflow that minimizes downtime, shortens turnaround time, and doubles your output while reducing cost, floor space, and manpower requirements. To learn more, contact Steve Landrum at 770.313.8282 or

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