Murata Machinery USA to Introduce Industry-First A3 Ledger Automated Storage Solution at ProMat 2023

ProMat will be the North American debut of a new high-capacity, four-quad tray mini-load to its range of automated materials handling solutions for small product storage and retrieval.

Visit the Muratec booth (S2703a) as we showcase the industry-first Ledger A3 high-density automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with high-speed, simultaneous loading and unloading of four front hook trays used for storing, picking, and sorting small, lightweight goods.

Check out our show lineup for manufacturers needing the highest quality logistics and automation to alleviate workforce demands and optimize efficiencies, backed by US-based service for the life of the system.


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Key takeaways:

promat murata machinery usa, inc.
  • Learn how customized, fully integrated systems can increase production and order fulfillment speed and accuracy.
  • Evaluate ways to enhance process capabilities in storing, transporting, sorting, and picking materials.
  • Identify key automation metrics when evaluating ROI.

Presenter: Scott Matlock, Logistics & Automation Division General Manager, Muratec

PROMAT SEMINAR: ProMat Seminar: Humanizing Automation with Innovative Systems Integration: The Key to Speed, Efficiency & Lower Costs

Monday, March 20 – 4:15 p.m. – 5 p.m. (Central) –  Robotics Theater

In today’s marketplace, people want their products without delay, and since the COVID lockdowns, they’ve become accustomed to fast & free delivery. Consumers’ expectations for access to products and speed of delivery have rapidly risen, and it’s driving changes throughout industrial machinery, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution market segments.

How organizations balance automated solutions and human intervention in response to labor challenges, customer demands, and space utilization requirements can increase operational efficiency and productivity while significantly reducing costs.

This presentation will discuss how full system integration accelerates your business productivity to meet new market changes and delivery demands with speed, multi-channel efficiency, and high accuracy. We’ll also discuss ways to modernize and enhance process capabilities and review integrated options in storage, internal transport, sorting, sequencing, and picking that accommodate a wide range of production and order fulfillment requirements.

  • promat murata machinery usa, inc.
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    Tuesday, March 21st from 11:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m



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PROMAT Featured products:

The NEW Ledger A3 Mini-Load AS/RS

New High-Density Four-Tray Mini-Load For Small Product Storage and Retrieval. An industry first. 

The MT200 is a twin spindle lathe

Three turrets & a gantry loader, the ultimate multi-tasker & a great solution for those looking to run a variety of complex parts

M2048TS Motorum 22-Ton Punch Press

High-production turret punch press technology with punching, forming, tapping, and deburring.

A4 AGV Optimal Pallet Mover Forklift

Optimal pallet mover forklift for everyday use of reaching pallets on high racks, shelves, or in floor-to-floor operations.


Turning Centers



promat murata machinery usa, inc.

Ledger A3

promat murata machinery usa, inc.

MT 200

promat murata machinery usa, inc.


promat murata machinery usa, inc.


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