The Process Coner II QPRO EX, our automatic winder, combines time-tested machining with today’s technology to deliver a higher quality of yarn at faster speeds. This winding machine is available in six different models based on your application, all of which improve quality, efficiency and productivity.

Since the 1800s, spinning wheel technology has evolved, developed and improved. Instead of being limited to a machine with only one spindle, today’s machines, including our automatic winder, can come equipped with as many as 96 spindles for the high-volume machining of quality yarn.



The VORTEX 870 EX spins 100% cotton, blends and synthetic fibers up to 2″ in length, at speeds up to 550m/min, making it the world’s fastest spinning machine. It provides up to 30 times the speed of ring spinning. With the Muratec Spinning Tension Stabilizing (STS) system, yarn is sent directly from the spinning chamber to the friction roller, without a nip roller in the system.  This allows for more precise, stabilized quality monitoring of yarn tension.

The Vortex 870 EX is designed as a single source machine that combines spinning and winding while eliminating the roving process, allowing faster more efficient production for all textile manufacturers. With easy operation, maintenance, and setting capabilities, the VORTEX 870 EX is both versatile and user-friendly.

At Murata Machinery USA, Inc., we continuously develop and improve our machines to better accommodate applications, functions, and yarn. The VORTEX 870 EX is no exception and is guaranteed to come equipped with the latest technology, such as its Visual On-demand System (VOS), a data management system designed by Muratec.

In addition to optional add-ons, including the splice monitor, package lifter, and polymaster, the VORTEX 870 EX can also be engineered to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about the VORTEX 870 EX!