Speed, accuracy, repeatability, reliability, precision, and flexibility.

These are all important features that describe the MW Series automated turning machines. Muratec’s MW machines have become the backbone of automotive parts supplier’s production lines, and can be found in hundreds of job shops across North America. More automotive parts are turned on Muratec MW Series machines than any other lathe platform available.

With a robust and reliable design, ease of use, and adaptability, the MW machines have added flexibility to allow for running low, or high-volume production quantities in various processing configurations with both spindles. The series also includes the revolutionary EX models which leverages Murata Machinery’s extensive experience with in-line gauging and peripheral devices to achieve unmatched precision for finishing operations.

As one of the most versatile series in the Muratec line-up, discover how the MW automated turning machines can help you manufacture high-quality parts more profitably than ever before.

MW Series Twin Spindle Machines

Our newest and most eco-friendly machine, the MW35 is an all-electric turning center that can create fasteners and other small parts in as little as three seconds! Additionally, MW35’s compact footprint provides the ultimate reduction in floorspace usage.


MW400G machine only


The Muratec MW40 is an extreme-precision compact turning center capable of repeatability in the single digit micron level.

For small, high precision components in medium to large lot sizes, you can’t beat this machine’s extreme accuracy.




Experience lightning-fast part to part cycle times with the compact MW50.

For 50mm diameter parts, the MW50 delivers flexibility, versatility and a gang style tooling block for quick tool changes.


twin spindle machine MW80GT machine only


Based on a gang-tool platform and designed for increased productivity.

The MW80 is equipped with two horizontal spindles and twin four-station tool blocks. The same lightening speed as the MW50, the MW80 can accommodate parts up to 80mm.



MW100 & MW100GT

Produce parts in as little as 16 seconds with the MW100.

The MW100 is a twin spindle turning center that improves productivity with exceptional rigidity and high precision processing. This machine is a great fit for customers seeking to save space in production setup. Find out how the MW100 can work for you!


MW120Ⅱ R O.jpg

MW120 & MW120GT

The MW120 machine is designed for low to high volume production of various part types.

With a twin spindle design, this machine offers unmatched part production efficiency. Unlike similar models on the market, the MW120 is entirely self-contained, allowing operators to turn highly accurate parts from a single source machine.


In addition to minimum production time, this machine was designed with a twin gantry loader to reduce cycle time and improve productivity. As a self-contained machine, the MW120GT offers all of the turning capabilities you need, from a single source.  Learn more about this machine!


twin spindle machine MW120GTEX machine only


Reduce idle time by up to three seconds per part with our fastest-ever automated turning center.

Armed with a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader, the MW120GII boasts traverse speeds 1.5 times faster than a traditional gantry loader.



Designed specifically to turn high precision parts, the MW120EX can eliminate the grinding process and perform hard turning operations.

Paired with our automation solutions, this machine delivers ultra-precise performance with unbeatable efficiency.


MW120HG gear


If you thought the MW120GTEX was precise, wait until you see what the MW120HG can do. This twin spindle turning center delivers super high precision for hard turning applications. This machine eliminates vibration, offering a higher level of precision than ever before.  Learn more about how the MW120HG can benefit your production process!


MW180GL machine with attachment


Equipped with a high-speed gantry that can pick up parts of different weights and sizes, the MW180 is the ideal solution for multi-part manufacturers.

This self-contained machine offers optimal flexibility, and reduces cycle times for improved productivity.


MW200 57489


The flagship model of the MW Series, you can count on the MW200 to deliver speed, flexibility, precision, and reliability in every single cycle.

Offering rapid load/unload times, this customer favorite can perform multiple processes from a single source.



For faster cycle times and exceptional rigidity on larger parts, look no further than the MW200GT. With a twin, three axis gantry loader, this machine offers versatile solutions and reduces cycle time in half with its dual operating spindles.  Take a moment to learn more about how this machine’s unique design improves productivity!


MW400G machine with attachment


The MW400 is the largest machine in our MW Series and was designed for heavy-duty cutting of large parts.

Delivering exceptional rigidity and high-precision processing this machine features a newly designed CNC controlled gantry for even higher speed and versatility.


MWR120 1831414b


Key features of the MWR120 series include Y-axis stroke of +/- 60mm, direct drive with no gearboxes for less power loss, and 8,000 rpm live tooling in all stations. The built-in gantry automation is also available with a choice of single or dual gantries, depending on processing needs.

The MWR120 enables work processing with complex shapes by incorporating Y-axis and live tooling function. This combination accelerates its extreme multitasking of complex shapes from raw to finished parts without changeovers or the need for secondary operations.