Overhead Hoist Transport

Widely recognized as the main transport system for next-generation fabrication plants, Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) enables direct tool-to-tool, tool-to-buffer, and buffer-to-tool transportation of WIP carriers. The machines can feature front opening unified pods (FOUP) for highly efficient process flow and inventory management.

The vehicles for OHT travel on overhead track for direct picking and, with hoisting belts, place access to semi-compliant load ports. In addition to being used for intra-bay transport, our OHT can also be used for inter-bay and even inter-building transport. We offer solutions for air-locks, fire-doors, and even earthquake tolerant links!

As an added bonus, all of our systems can be customized to meet your factory’s specific tool layout and throughput, as well as other automation and production needs. Powered by non-contact, high-voltage induction, our OHT line features two models: the SRC350X and GX models. Offering the reliability that the Muratec brand is known for, what makes these two models different are their propulsion methods and control systems.

Take a moment to learn about our OverHead Hoist Transport (OHT), and contact us today to find the right model for you!

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