Integrated Automation

Muratec Means
More Productivity

Synonymous with reliable by design, our customized factory automation, optimized clean factories, innovative machinery systems, and global storage solutions ensure increased productivity and timely parts delivery.

Product Categories


Clean Factory Automation

Muratec is a global powerhouse specializing in advanced clean factory storage and transport systems tailored for semiconductor manufacturing. Our comprehensive solutions encompass meticulous system design, robust manufacturing, precise installation, and unwavering after-sales support. Recognized as industry leaders, we’ve earned accolades for our expertise, with installations in major semiconductor factories worldwide. Our award-winning ISO 14644-1 Class 5 certified solutions redefine industry standards, maximizing space and revolutionizing material handling, storage, transport, and control within pristine cleanroom environments. Elevate your manufacturing efficiency with Muratec’s unwavering commitment to excellence.


Logistics & Automation

Muratec is a global leader in crafting and integrating automated material handling systems across diverse industries since 1967. Specializing in custom solutions, we’ve served mid-sized to Fortune 100 manufacturers and third-party logistics providers, providing highly efficient and reliable factory automation systems. Our flexible suite of automated solutions, including storage, retrieval buffering, transport sequencing, and picking systems, is engineered to optimize operations and enhance productivity according to your specific needs. Trust Muratec Machinery, a market leader for over five decades, for innovative and tailored solutions in automated material handling.


CNC Lathes

Designed with automation at the core to take on more, our innovative CNC horizontal turning systems are built for high to low-volume productions with extreme precision. Our systems are engineered to manufacture parts or components, small or large, with quick changeovers and retooling for use across a broad spectrum of industries.


Fabrication Machinery

Pioneering fabrication for nearly a century, we provide innovative solutions and develop highly reliable turret punch presses, fiber lasers, multi-function machines, and sheet metal automation for our customers worldwide. Engineered for large capacity and greater on-demand tool flexibility for multipurpose use with high-speed and precision operations built into every machine, complemented by a full line of stockers, loaders, and sorting equipment.


Textile Machinery

Renowned for setting the industry standard, our textile machines are meticulously designed to embody unparalleled quality and reliability. As a global trailblazer in textile manufacturing and the innovative force behind the world’s fastest-spinning machine, our technology seamlessly integrates automated spinning and winding processes. This reduces costs, optimizes production efficiency, and elevates the caliber of yarns, enabling faster speeds. The result is a significant enhancement in the quality of textiles and knitted products, leaving a lasting impact on the global textile industry.