End-to-End Automation

Engineered To
Fit Your Needs

Integrated systems tailored to your industries and facilities help accelerate how you make, move, and store inventory across your supply chain. Our world-class range of customized, high-quality systems to order, tailored to your exact situation and specifications, can help accelerate your competitive edge and operational peace of mind.

Solution Types


Textile Manufacturing

Modern textile manufacturing relies heavily on yarn spinners and winders, essential assets that have revolutionized the industry. Our cutting-edge machines streamline the yarn winding and spinning process, marking a substantial departure from labor-intensive, conventional methods. Enhance productivity, yarn quality, and energy efficiency while reducing dependence on manual labor with Muratec’s automated solutions for textile production. 

Automation Needs:

Yarn SpinnersYarn Winders

Material Handling Automation

With our end-to-end integration approach, you can rely on our system for life to run faster, go higher, move quicker, save time, and cut costs. This approach streamlines operations, optimizes production, and reserves profitability.


Machining & Manufacturing

We are the forefront solution provider for machine and job shops worldwide, with a legacy of pioneering turning and fabrication spanning over 80 years. Our expertise extends to innovative CNC lathes and cutting-edge fabrication machinery, including turret punch presses, hybrid lasers, laser/combo machines, and sheet metal automation.


Cleanroom Factory Automation

Storage and transport automation within cleanroom manufacturing facilities offers several key benefits and solutions. These automated solutions optimize floor space while enhancing production efficiency and cost management. With automation engineered for your clean factory operation, you can streamline wafer handling, reduce human intervention and potential contamination risks, and meet strict cleanliness standards.


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