Adding Value To Your Parts - Part Tabbing

by Don Angel, Applications Engineer


You want to nest parts on a larger sheet size. This allows improved machine production and possibly improved material costs using standard sheet sizes. But, the tabbing of parts in a “shake-n-break” is troublesome and affects edge quality. If not programmed properly, parts fall out during operation and wire tabs present a hazard.


Mate Precision Tool (mate.com) provides several tools that allow reliable nesting of parts and result in good edge quality. These tools can help with nesting of parts in thin-to-thick material.

The Mate EasySnap™ tool allows a large tab to be created that is scored by this tool. The part remains very stable in the nest, but is easily removed by the operator. The scoring also leaves a burr free edge. This tool is effective on material from .024” ~ .060” thick.

The Mate Square EasySnap™ tool is similar to the tool above, but provides four scoring edges. This allows the flexibility of creating tabs on any side of a part as well as creating a tab between nested parts with a common punching edge. The material specifications are the same.

For thicker material Mate provides the Square ShearButton™ tool. This is similar to a shear button or knockout type tool. Stable part retention, ease of part removal from the nest and good part edge quality make this a valuable tool when nesting in thicker material. This works best in .060” ~ .120” material.

Contact Murata Machinery or Mate Precision Tooling to review your tooling needs for this and other applications.