Sortation Systems


Rail-Guided Shuttle


A rail-guided case sorting system with a higher processing capacity than conveyors. Engineered as a G2P solution, it interfaces with multiple ASRS and picking systems. Goods ordered and returned by the shuttles are transferred at high speeds in two-way loops to good-to-person manual picking or robotic stations, performing high SKU sorting and frequent, small-lot order fulfillment.  

Key Features:

  • High-capacity shuttles travel at 492 feet per minute and transfer up to 4,000 loads combined per hour.

  • Simple space-saving layout due to bi-directional transport for one-way packages and right-angle junction design.

  • Dramatically higher capacity than conventional case conveyors, with room for additional conveyor carts to maintain future expandability.


Rail-Guided Vehicle


Designed to optimize efficiency and streamline operations, this automated rail-guided transport vehicle solves manual handling challenges in any inbound or outbound manufacturing environment. It effortlessly transports pallet or bulk loads between receiving and shipping functions while seamlessly operating in small spaces. Its rail-guided transport system ensures precise movement, eliminating concerns about misalignment or deviations. 

Key Features:

  • High-speed transportation of up to 250m/min. (820 ft./min), moving product between shipping and receiving functions.

  • Equipped with controls that enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication to maintain optimal distances between vehicles, prevent collisions, and maximize sorting capacity.

  • Simultaneous processing by setting up multiple pick-up and drop-off stations to perform various manufacturing processes at once.


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