Yarn Spinning


High-Speed Yarn Spinner


Experience the next step in the evolution of yarn manufacturing with the Vortex 870 EX—the world’s fastest spinning machine boasting speeds up to 550m/min. Vortex eliminates the need for roving and winding, enhancing efficiency and production while reducing power and labor costs. Precise control of the yarn spinning tension ensures optimal and consistent yarn quality. The Visual On-demand System (VOS) simplifies machine settings, while offering real-time monitoring of yarn quality and production. Options include splicing or knotting, and filament yarn feeders offering the opportunity of spinning core or bicomponent yarns. The Vortex 870 EX is the latest offering in staple yarn spinning from Murata Machinery and offers the essentials of production, efficiency, quality, versatility, and cost control necessary to compete in today’s textile industry.

Key Features:

  • Spins yarns up to 550m/min and supports a wide range of fiber types.

  • Supports fiber lengths up to 1.5” in length. A separate machine version is available for 2” fibers.

  • Equipped with the Visual On-demand System (VOS), offering simplified machine setup changes and real-time monitoring of production and quality


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