Automatic Textile Spinning


High-Speed Yarn Spinner


Experience a paradigm shift in textile yarn manufacturing with the Vortex 870 EX—the unrivaled, world’s fastest spinning machine boasting an extraordinary speed of 550m/min. Redefining operational excellence, it seamlessly integrates spinning and winding processes, slashing steps and enhancing overall efficiency. Precision is paramount with the Muratec Spinning Tension Stabilizing system, ensuring optimal yarn quality through precise tension monitoring. The Visual On-demand System (VOS) empowers operators with simplified setup, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive data analysis, offering versatile control tools for continual optimization. Customizable with optional automation add-ons like splice monitoring and package lifting, the Vortex 870 EX stands as a revolutionary force, propelling textile yarn manufacturing into a new era of speed, precision, and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Achieves unprecedented speeds of 550m/min and supports the widest range of material and yarn counts, ensuring unmatched efficiency in a single machine.

  • Integrates spinning and winding yarn processes from sliver and wound to packages, eliminating the need for separate steps for enhanced efficiency

  • Equipped with the Visual On-demand System (VOS), simplifying setup, offering real-time monitoring and data analysis for versatile control and continual optimization.


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