Automatic Textile Winding


Straight Magazine – QPRO EX


The Process Coner II Straight Machine revolutionizes yarn processing by seamlessly empowering operators to feed yarn into winding magazine pockets, optimizing the yarn path for reduced friction and high-tech yarn production. Elevate production efficiency with the Straight Magazine winder, offering benefits like reduced energy costs and improved overall efficiency. The machine ensures a remarkable user experience with its 15” touch panel screen and user-friendly Visual On-Demand System (VOSIII), guaranteeing seamless and efficient yarn processing for valued customers.

Key Features:

  • Optimizes yarn paths, minimizing friction for high-tech yarn and significant energy savings.

  • Direct yarn path from bobbin to cone minimizes friction, ensuring the production of superior-quality yarn.

  • Seamless yarn processing with intuitive controls and enhanced monitoring capabilities.


Link Coner – QPRO EX


The Process Coner II QPRO EX Link Coner, a cutting-edge automated winding solution, seamlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, offering tailored efficiency, productivity, and yarn quality benefits across six application-specific models. The Link Coner’s design integrates spinning and winding through a tray-to-tray linking mechanism, eliminating special handling, ensuring superior yarn quality, and boosting operational efficiency. Optional add-ons like the bobbin stripper and spin inspector contribute to a comprehensive solution that meets diverse textile yarn manufacturing needs, maintaining a distinctive competitive edge.

Key Features:

  • Tray-to-tray linking system connects the spinning frame and automatic winder, eradicating additional handling steps.

  • Two bobbins per spindle in reserve and top speeds reaching 2,200 m/min, unparalleled efficiency is achieved.

  • Integrates spinning and winding through a tray-to-tray linking mechanism, ensuring superior yarn quality and enhanced operational efficiency.


Bobbin Tray Winder – QPRO EX


The Bobbin Tray winder, part of our semi-automatic Process Coner II QPRO EX series, epitomizes versatility and efficiency for textile yarn manufacturers. Uniquely designed, it can simultaneously process two yarn types with an optional double-feeding system. Within This winder excels in dynamic efficiency, offering textile manufacturers unmatched flexibility to handle diverse yarn types while ensuring superior quality at remarkable speeds.

Key Features:

  • The Bobbin Tray winder incorporates a double feeding system, allowing operators to simultaneously process two types of yarn.

  • Each winding unit can accommodate two spinning bobbins, achieving speeds of up to 2,200 m/min for outstanding efficiency.

  • Like other Process Coner II QPRO EX models, the Bobbin Tray winder is acclaimed for delivering high-tech, top-quality yarn at efficient speeds.


Vertical Conveyor Feeder – QPRO EX


The Vertical Conveyor Feeder (VCF) winder is a streamlined version of our Bobbin Tray Winder, offering the same efficiency in a more space-saving design. Discover its compact efficiency and advanced features, perfect for complex applications, offering dual winding capabilities, floor space optimization, and superior yarn quality within the QPRO EX series. 

Key Features:

  • Most compact winding machine within the semi-automatic QPRO EX series.

  • Empowers operators to wind two types of yarn simultaneously with an optional double feeding system.

  • Winder delivers superior, high-quality yarn at impressive speeds.


Cone-to-Cone – QPRO EX

QPRO EX - C2C Winder

Experience textile yarn excellence with the Cone-to-Cone winder from our QPRO EX series. Boasting versatile precision and reliable efficiency, it offers customizable options that boost productivity across diverse yarn types and applications, ensuring high-quality outcomes. Elevate your production standards with the Cone-to-Cone winder, where versatility, reliability, and productivity converge for textile industry success.

Key Features:

  • Handles various yarn types, including dye packages, showcasing its versatile capabilities for optimal results.

  • Streamlines yarn transferring process, where efficiency meets reliability, guaranteeing a consistent and dependable workflow.

  • Offers an array of accessories and optional equipment to tailor its functionality to specific requirements.


Rewind Magazine – QPRO EX

QPRO EX - RM Winder

Experience efficiency redefined with the Rewind Magazine winder, a cornerstone in our QPRO EX series. Meticulously rewinding residual yarn from warp cones, it minimizes waste and maximizes resource efficiency for cost-effective operations. Unmatched reliability ensures the production of high-tech, top-quality yarn at impressive speeds, surpassing industry standards. The winder’s Visual On-Demand System (VOS) enhances operational control with effortless setup, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive data analysis. This integrated solution ensures a seamless operation, consistently delivering top-notch results and setting a new benchmark in textile manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • Rewinds remaining yarn from warp cones, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency for cost-effective textile operations

  • Exceeds industry standards, guaranteeing the production of high-tech, top-quality yarn at impressive speeds.

  • Equipped with the Visual On-Demand System (VOS) for effortless setup, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive data analysis.


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