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LS3015FC-and- FN3015TL
Murate LS3015FC

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Tower Sheet metal Automation

FN 3015L / FN 3015TL

At Murata Machinery, USA, we believe that production shouldn’t stop just because you do. It’s no secret that fiber laser machines can be a bit of an investment, which is why we’ve developed the FN 3015TL loader system to deliver as much green-light time as possible. With seamless integration with our high-performance fiber lasers, the FN 3015TL system allows you to increase parts production and improve product methodologies to achieve consistent, replicable and reliable production.

The loader’s 3-ton pallet capacity provides flexible production of material from thin gauge up to .5” thick steel. Its tower design allows immediate access to multiple material types with no restrictions on usage of drawers for material or finished parts. When paired with Muratec’s Fiber Laser HMI controls, production scheduling is simple, and real-time system performance data enables you to identify, and resolve inefficiencies immediately for maximum uptime.

Take control of your production with the capacity-expanding FN 3015TL. To learn more about Muratec automation solutions, contact us today!