Picking Productivity

Muratec’s material handling systems are customized to improve picking productivity by eliminating manual transport through the supply chain.


Systems Installed

For over 50 years, Muratec has been a leading material handling equipment manufacturer, delivering right-fit solutions worldwide.



System Availability

Reliable by design, Muratec automated material handling systems are built to support around-the-clock production and flexible maintenance.


As a critical link in your supply chain, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are proven to increase efficiency and protect your inventory. Muratec’s automated material handling equipment is designed to support our client’s specific inventory and process requirements resulting in reduced cycle times and increased throughput.


Mini Load AS/RS (660 lbs)

For loads less than 660lbs (300kgs), a faster, smaller version of the unit-load AS/RS can be used. Our Mini-Load AS/RS accommodates multiple-handling of up to four units and can provide both high storage capacity and high throughput throughout the operation.


Unit Load AS/RS

At Murata Machinery USA, Inc., we have customized the Unit-Load AS/RS for loads ranging in weight from 500lbs to 4,000 lbs. For long and heavy goods, as seen in stamping plants, our Special Load AS/RS is capable of handling up to 10 Tons.


High Rise AS/RS (Over 100 ft)

When land is at a premium, or is simply not available, you might find yourself looking up for the answer. With its ability to go higher, the High-Rise AS/RS is a specially designed high-rise with the ability to go as high as 30m!


No matter what you’re moving and how fast it needs to go, Murata Machinery can create a custom inventory transport system tailored to your unique requirements. With the goal of achieving ultimate warehouse efficiency, our flexible AGV and monorail solutions are designed for easy integration and improved productivity.

better material handling for better business murata machinery usa, inc.

SKY RAV (Overhead Hoist Transportation System)

The SKY RAV is our newest overhead hoist transport system. It’s being utilized by a variety of industries, including medical, food, automotive, electrical appliance, and semiconductor manufacturing.

better material handling for better business murata machinery usa, inc.

RTN-X (Rail-Guided Cart)

Our rail-guided, high-speed sorting vehicle, the RTN-X, is an asset to any complex automated pallet handling system.

agv unit load

AGV-Unit Load Magnetic Tape Guided

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.’s Premex Series was designed with the purpose of creating a flow of goods without human intervention.


When it comes to automated picking and sortation, accuracy is non-negotiable. A world-renowned material handling company, Murata Machinery delivers highly-reliable sorting and picking solutions to manufacturers in a variety of industries. Regardless of delivery model, Muratec’s fully automated goods delivery systems ensure that more time is spent on operations that provide the most value – picking.

better material handling for better business murata machinery usa, inc.

Uni-SHUTTLE HP (Shuttle AS/RS)

Traveling at 21 feet per second, our Uni-SHUTTLE HP is a high-performance, automated shuttle storage, and retrieval system.

better material handling for better business murata machinery usa, inc.

G2P Case Picking

In most, if not all, picking operations, an operator spends more time moving to the product than actually picking, even though picking is the activity that is adding value.

better material handling for better business murata machinery usa, inc.

Modified for Totes and Cases

Using an automated storage and retrieval system to deliver goods to a person is a very effective way to increase productivity and reduce overall operating costs.