Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

When it comes to transporting in clean and semi-clean environments, it’s essential to have a transportation system that’s as accurate as it is reliable.

The Muratec suite of transportation solutions includes Overhead Hoist Transport, Overhead Shuttle, and Automated Guided Vehicle systems and are tailored to your distinct needs. These transportation systems are backed by decades of automated storage and retrieval systems experience, and designed to ensure peak efficiency and cleanliness, guaranteed.

Automated Guided Vehicles

The Muratec automated guided vehicles (AGV) are designed to be flexible and highly accurate.

Engineered with an interconnected robot arm, the SCARA, this system has direct access to load ports of process equipment and stockers.

High-Speed Conveyor

Our high-speed conveyor (HTC) systems are designed to provide bridging and queuing solutions for multi-system automation.

With the ability to be mounted on the ceiling or floor, these systems are engineered with turntable directional sections.

Interfloor Lifters

Muratec Interfloor Lifters can be integrated into our Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) systems, as well as our OverHead Shuttle (OHS) on multiple floors.

Interfloor Lifter integration allows for seamless transportation of WIP carriers, reducing the need for manual transportations.

Overhead Hoist Transport

Our Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) enables direct tool-to-tool, tool-to-buffer, and buffer-to-tool transportation of WIP carriers.

The machines can feature front opening unified pods (FOUP) for highly efficient process flow and inventory management.

OverHead Shuttle

The Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) is a perfect fit for those seeking to transport carriers between allocated storage equipment, such as stockers that are near manufacturing process areas in the factory.

Typically used as an inter-bay type of transport system, our OHS is most commonly used in 200mm fabrication plants for wafer cassettes, pod, or box handling.