MX unit load transfer systems

MX Unit Load Transfer

MX unit load transfer systems are Low-Level Unit Load Pallet Lift or Conveyance Interface Transport for use in Tight Spaces Compact, low-profile vehicles offer ease of installation and utilization of low-level transportation systems. Functional to operate in tight spaces, showcasing spin-turn, horizontal, and diagonal motions.

Optimal for AS/RS, conveyor interface, and pallet transfer. Easily modified for unit load lifting, chain & roller conveying, and container movement up to 2,200 lbs. Custom routes are dictated by magnetic tape either applied directly to floor or inset into floor, allowing for easy modification and accommodation of line changes.

Use Applications
ASRS Interface, Conveyor Interface, Pallet Mover, Production Pick-Up/Delivery


Magnet Spot or Rod

Travel Speed

196 ft/min
60 m/min




32° F to 104° F
0° C to 40° C

Material Handling Type

Chain Conveyor, Roller Conveyor, Lift Deck

Load Capacity (max)

2200 lbs
1000 kg


Beam Sensors
Bumper Sensors
Laser Scanner
Emergency Stop
Warning Sounds




Wireless LAN

Lift Height or Lift Stroke

1.5 ft
450 mm

Charging Method

Quick Automatic Charge

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Differentiators at a Glance

Easy to install and modify custom magnetic tape routes,

accommodating fast line changes.

Low-profile vehicles spin-turn,

with horizontal and diagonal motion.

Optimal for AS/RS and conveyor interfaces,

transferring from production pick-up to delivery with ease.

Muratec Premex Unit Load AGVs are ideal for tight spaces and custom routes.



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