This 8-inch single spindle automatic turning center features live-tooling capabilities, including milling and drilling, and can satisfy both low- and high-volume production requirements.

The Muratec live-tooling machines come fully equipped with an integrated 3-Axis gantry robot loader, with parts to be automatically loaded and unloaded, enabling increased productivity and reduced labor costs in every cycle. With live-tooling capability in all turret positions and C-axis spindle control, the MD Series allows production flexibility by combining multiple operations into one machine.

Additionally, this machine is extremely compact and requires less floor space, making it an integral solution for clients in every industry.

By combining operations into one, highly accurate machine, the MD60 will increase efficiency, improve productivity and reduce the cost of labor.

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The MD60 at a Glance

  • Multi-Operational

With turning, milling and drilling capabilities available in every turret position, the MD60 allows for increased productivity and process flexibility.

  • Flexible Automation

The integrated 3-Axis gantry robot loader offers versatile automation possibilities.

  • Compact Size

The MD60 is designed to save space, and its compact size allows for improved floor space utilization.

Maximum Turning Diameter
Total Machine Weight
Maximum Chuck Size


  • 9.1in
  • 10 x2 *No option
  • 5,291.1lb
  • 11kw/30min
  • 4,500RPM
  • 8.0in
  • 2.5kw
  • 4,000RPM
  • Φ120mm x 80mm , up to 3.0kg/piece

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