The Muratec specialty machines are made up of our MJ and ML series, and are designed to turn longer than usual parts, achieve higher profitability and productivity at lower costs.

Each of the machines in our MJ series is equipped with a tailstock, which serves to reduce movement of both the part and machine. The MJ machines handle tighter tolerances to deliver greater centricity precision, and their compact size makes them the ideal fit for facilities seeking to save space in production.

The turning machines in the ML Series are specifically designed to turn longer shaft parts. They are fully programmable and come equipped with the ability to turn parts of various sizes, depending on your needs. Unlike similar machines, they use a vertical bed and have stainless steel siding, which prevents machine overheating, as well as the risk of chip contamination.


A single spindle CNC turning machine, the MJ60 comes equipped with a single 8 station tool turret and hydraulic actuated tailstock.

From shafts, to end pieces and everything in between, the MJ60 offers close tolerance, and can deliver better precision turning than similar models on the market.


The MJ100 is a specialty machine that was purposefully developed for the automated turning of shaft type production parts that require tight machines tolerances.

Designed to turn longer parts, the MJ100 is a single spindle CNC turning machine with a single turret and optional gantry.


The MJ200 is a single spindle CNC turning center that was specifically designed for the simultaneous turning of longer parts.

A high-speed machine, the MJ200 offers flexible operation and can perform two identical processes or turnaround solutions, while reducing downtime.


Designed to turn longer shaft parts, the ML400 up to 400 mm (15.7”) in length and up to 200 mm (7.9") in diameter. For even longer parts, the machine's sister model, the ML400L, can turn shaft parts up to 570mm (22.4”) in length and up to 200mm (7.9”) in diameter.
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