Shuttliner Case transport & sorting shuttle system

A rail-guided case sorting system with a higher processing capacity than conveyors. Engineered as a G2P solution, it interfaces with multiple ASRS and picking systems. 

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(1) Since the conveyor has a maximum continuous one-way conversion capacity of 1,500 to 1,600 cs/Hr, two lines of goods inbound / outbound are required to connect to Uni-SHUTTLE . In addition, there is a restriction that the connection is limited to 3 rows. ​

(2) In order to lay out the two lines of goods issue / re-receipt with a suppressed footprint, it is necessary to have a two-layer structure, one above the other. Therefore, it is necessary for the pedestal on which the conveyor is installed and the inclined conveyor, and the conveyor length to the picking station becomes long. (* Cross-belt sorter requires more space because the induction is diagonal.) ​

(3) Since SHUTTLINER can increase the processing capacity by increasing the number of carriages (31 units in the above model), it can be connected to the Uni-SHUTTLE 6 rows in one line. (Running speed 150m/min, acceleration 3.0m/ss), turntable throughput 1.2sec, transfer loading 0.5s, transfer unloading 0.8s) ​

shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.
shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.

Simple space-saving layout

Bidirectional transport for one-unit packages, which cannot be done by conveyors, and right-angle junction enable a simple and space-saving layout.

shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.
shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.

Package-friendly design

Due to transfer with conveyor belts, package-friendly sorting responding to diverse packing styles can be performed with low impact during transfer. In addition, due to the linear drive, the system is quiet compared with conveyors and is also worker-friendly.

Main specifications


Traveling speed​

150 m/min​

Transfer speed​

90 m/min​

Load size – Width

Width: 175 to 450 mm ​

Load size – Depth

Depth: 225 to 600 mm​

Load size – Height

Height: 90 to 600 mm​

Load weight​

1 to 25 kg​

Throughput capacity

It depends on the layout. ​ 3,000 cs/Hr for goods issue and re-receipt

Transfer level​

Minimum 300 mm​

Turn throughput​ (Conversion ability)

1.2 sec

Transfer time​

Loading 0.5 sec​  –  unloading 0.8 sec​


Material: Urethane, 4 wheels / unit

Linear motor drive vehicles on loop for autonomous transport of cases and order sortation.

shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.
Transportation Needs
shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.
shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.
Unit Load
shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.
Mini load
shuttliner murata machinery usa, inc.
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