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Muratec propels industries forward with automated innovations, blending the wisdom of the past with future-focused design. Our vision is to redefine work quality, set industry standards, and unlock untapped productivity in today’s dynamic landscape.

Established in 1974

Murata Machinery USA

Murata Machinery USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., stands as a leader in North America’s forefront, driving innovation in machine tool and fabrication technology, factory automation systems, cleanroom automation, and textile machinery. Our Muratec machinery and systems, manufactured in Japan and customized at our Charlotte headquarters, exemplifies unmatched quality and precision. With a dedicated team of over 350 members, we engineer and integrate tailored solutions, spanning from entry-level to lights-out automation, delivering unwavering service and support throughout the system’s life cycle. At Murata Machinery, we are committed to helping North American companies achieve industrial leadership through automation and pledge to be an integral part of their future growth.

Company Insight
– Established in 1974, member of the Muratec Group
– Toshiyuki Komori, President & CEO
– Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina
– 500+ employees across North America
– 300+ combined years of automation expertise
– Thousands of installations with systems in operation for over 25 years

Muratec Group

Established in 1935

Murata Machinery, Ltd

Established in 1935, Murata Machinery Ltd. is the sole manufacturer of the Muratec brand, created in 1991 as both a product and corporate brand. Serving as a testament to the reliability of Murata Machinery Group products and services, Muratec embodies corporate philosophy and social responsibility. Manufacturing for half a century with thousands of installations worldwide and first-to-market innovations, Muratec is committed to advancing technology, aimed to provide meaningful products that enrich the lives of our customers, foster prosperity among employees, and lead society toward a better tomorrow.

Company Insight
– Established in July 1935
– 80+ years of innovation
– Daisuke Murata, President & CEO
– 8,500+ employees worldwide
– 35,000+ installations worldwide with systems in operation over 25 years

Muratec Group


Muratec Group

Muratec, Cimcorp, and AGVE, subsidiary members of Murata Machinery Ltd., form a robust global network operating as one of the world’s largest logistics automation integrators. Trusted by top global brands, the Muratec Group products benefit from worldwide manufacturing and operational support. We redefine automation boundaries, seamlessly integrating advanced robotics with both existing and cutting-edge material handling systems across intralogistics and supply chains.

Leadership Team


Toshiyuki Komori

President & CEO


Brenda Portillo

Director of Human Resources


Chris Cobb

Director of Finance


Masatoshi Wakabayashi

General Manager, Logistics & Automation Division


Nils Hart

Executive Director of Business Development


David Thomas

General Manager, Clean Factory Automation Division


David Stalvey

General Manager, Textiles Division


Jeff Kalmbach

General Manager, Machine Tools Division

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Careers at Muratec

Looking for a fulfilling career in advanced manufacturing? Join our team and become part of our innovative group thats revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge technologies and automated solutions. Explore unparalleled opportunities for growth, collaboration with talented professionals, and shape the future of manufacturing with us. 

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We prioritize the highest standards of quality and expertise. Our team members hold industry-leading certifications, ensuring our customers receive exceptional service and solutions.