Our Pledge

Muratec Group

Code of Conduct

Ethical Standards

Our primary focus is enhancing corporate governance and internal controls through a steadfast commitment to the highest ethical standards. Emphasizing safety, we strive to produce socially beneficial products and uphold rights, ensuring fair and transparent transactions alongside positive governmental relations. In communication, we prioritize prompt sharing of relevant information with transparency, fostering a safe and friendly workplace that respects diversity. Our team proactively addresses environmental concerns in corporate activities and products, actively contributing to society as responsible corporate citizens. Our unwavering dedication to civil order and safety aids in avoiding anti-social elements through thorough legal compliance.

Muratec Group

2023 Environmental Targets

Minimizing Our Impact

We are committed to sustainability through innovation in environmentally friendly product creation and minimizing our environmental footprint. The primary sources of our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions include electricity usage, which powers most of our plant operations, gasoline, and other fuels. Our mid-term goal for 2030 involves significant reductions in CO2 emissions, water consumption, total waste, and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. These key metrics are closely monitored within our environmental management system.